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The Rules of operation of Aupark

1. Entry of animals into the AUPARK, dogs that are on the lead and have a muzzle exclusive, is prohibited (this exception does not apply to the so called fighting dog breeds);

2. Carrying of guns in the AUPARK is prohibited;

3. No admittance of bicycles and other similar means of transport into the AUPARK;

4. No admittance of packmen to the AUPARK;

5. No admittance of the homeless to the AUPARK;

6. No admittance of peddlers to the AUPARK and prohibition of setting up stands, including any related commercial activities in the whole of AUPARK centre, exteriors of the AUPARK inclusive (lawns and hardened surface, roads, parking places situated next to the AUPARK);

7. No admittance of beggars to the Sub-leased Premises or the AUPARK centre, AUPARK exteriors inclusive;

8. Prohibition of placement of and handing over leaflets in the whole of AUPARK centre (exteriors inclusive) unless the prior written approval from the Lessor is obtained;

9. Drinking of alcohol in the AUPARK (exteriors inclusive), with the exception of the drinking by Lessees within the usage approved by Lessor, is prohibited;

10. Prohibition of organising of demonstrations in the AUPARK;

11. Driving teaching activities on the AUPARK car parks is prohibited;

12. Driving on skateboards and roller-skates in the AUPARK centre and AUPARK exteriors is prohibited;

13. Damaging of vegetation and lawns in the AUPARK centre, exteriors inclusive, is prohibited;

14. Discarding of litter in the whole of AUPARK centre, exteriors inclusive, is prohibited;

15. Washing of cars in the AUPARK centre, exteriors inclusive, is prohibited;

16. Prohibition of carrying out mechanical work in the AUPARK;

17. Leaving cars on the car park of the AUPARK centre throughout the night, without a prior Lessor’s permit, is prohibited;

18. Prohibition of sales of lottery tickets, charity lotteries and similar articles in the AUPARK centre, exteriors inclusive, without a prior Lessor’s permit;

19. Placement of hand-written messages on shopping windows and other windows in the AUPARK centre is prohibited;

20. Placement of advertisement posters on shopping windows and other windows in the AUPARK centre, posters placed on signboards exclusive, is prohibited;

21. Prohibition of loud music in the AUPARK centre, exteriors inclusive (except of the events and activities approved by the Lessor)

22. Prohibition of political posters or agitation in the AUPARK centre, AUPARK exteriors inclusive, without the prior Lessor’s approval;

23. Prohibition of any activities threatening or possibly leading to the security threat of the AUPARK centre or individuals;

24. Prohibition of the unmoral, not accepted at the public or unsociable behaviour in the whole of the AUPARK centre;

25. Manipulation with any security or fire equipment in the AUPARK is prohibited;

26. Persons caught stealing in the AUPARK will be cast out;

27. If any person commits an offence in the AUPARK centre, the Lessor has a right to ban their entry into the AUPARK centre;

28. Shopping window illumination will be lit until the midnight;

29. Obligation to keep to the opening hours: Monday – Sunday 9,00 am to 9,00 pm;

30. Supplying is permitted from 6,00 am to 9,00 am and from 9,00 pm to 12,00 pm, while the Lessees are obliged to use exclusively the trolleys with white rubber wheels (possibility of their lending in the AUPARK);

31. Setting advertisement boards, poster stands or stands of any kind in front of the shops and other AUPARK areas, exteriors inclusive, is prohibited;

32. Lessor has the right to ban any Lessee’s advertisement that in the Lessor’s view leads to the AUPARK goodwill and reputation damage, or its attraction as a shopping centre and on the basis of the written Lessor’s announcement the Lessee is obliged to withdraw from or stop this kind of advertisement;

33. Payments, entrances, places, yards, lifts, vestibules, stairs, corridors, or halls will not be blocked or obstructed by any Lessee. Theseareas will be used by Lessees only for the entry to and departure from the Sub-leased Premises;

34. Sash windows, glass doors, roofwindows and doors that reflect or allow the light and air come into the corridors, passages and other areas in the AUPARK, will not be covered or blocked by any Lessee and on the windows shells, shop windows and other windows will not be placed any bottles, packets or other subjects;

35. No show-cases or other subjects could be placed in front of the AUPARK, or fixed from the outside on the walls of the AUPARK, situated in halls, corridors or vestibules without the prior written Lessor’s approval;

36. Toilets, basins and other sanitary installations will not be used for any other purpose than they are intended for, and no litter, waste, rags, acids and other materials will be discarded into them;

37. Staff is not allowed to smoke in front of the shops;

38. The level of volume of music played in the shops is the subject of Lessor’s approval.