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Welcome to IQOS pop-up.  In our store we introduce and sell electronic device IQOS from category products for heating tabacco, including accessories. IQOS allowed to adult users to enjoy real taste of tabacco, without smoke and ash. In compare with standard cigarettes IQOS is better choice, although it is not without risk.
For what can you look forward in IQOS pop-up, if you are adult smoker? 
Our helpful and willing staff, provide you all neccessary information about IQOS.
You will have an opportunity to try IQOS, in case of interest buy it. If you are already owner of IQOS, for our staff it will be pleasure to clean your IQOS or they advise  you.
Ofcourse you can buy in our store all tabacco fillings for IQOS and all variants of accessories for IQOS, for example colorful covers etc.

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